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Mar 23, 2012 8:00pm PDT
candidate for the future. gwen: does romney have a knock on the nomination or is he still a weak front run er? on capitol hill, paul ryan once again throws down the gauntlet on the size of the federal budget. >> if we simply operate simply based on political fear, nothing's ever going to get done. gwen: is this the beginning or the end of it? joining us is pierre thomas of abc news, dans balz of "the washington post," sam youngman of reuters and naftali bendavid of "the wall street journal." >> live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week with gwen ifill" produced in association with national journal. >> a line is a powerful thing. it connects to your global economy to your living room, cleaner air to stronger markets, factory floors to less crowded roads. today's progress to tomorrow's promise. norfolk southern, one line, infinity possibilities. >> corporate funding is also provided by prudential financial, boeing, additional funding is provided by the annenburg foundation, the coorps by public broadcasting and from contributions from viewers like you. thank you. >> once again
Mar 2, 2012 8:00pm PST
an idea about how good a week this was for mitt romney. last week at this table we were talking about whether he might even survive the week, like his home state of michigan, whether he would lose that. republican leaders were debating whether their nominating convention was ghog going to be utter chaos. now republicans are debating whether romney's challengers should step aside to allow him to unify the party. don't think this thing is over yet. we'll get to why in a moment. first we start with mitt romney's very good week with victories in michigan and arizona under his belt. he tried again to turn his attention back to president obama. >> this campaign is a choice for america as to what kind of a country we want. barack obama is turning us into a european welfare-type society, where people feel they're entitled to what their neighbor has. gwen: but he has to get through sup tuesday first. is ohio this week's michigan? >> you know, it is. the stakes are high. in this race momentum hasn't meant what it's meant in other campaigns, where you win one contest and that carries you on to t
Mar 30, 2012 8:00pm PDT
that the race is over, even if the other three guys just won't quit. but to drive his point home, mitt romney is rolling out endorsements and focusing his fire almost exclusively on president obama. >> i think it is important for us to selection a nominee and get on with a campaign that will focus on two very different visions for america -- the one presented by president obama and the one presented by me if i were to be the nominee. gwen:he is sitting there next to george h.w. bush and barbara bush as hay they endorsed him yesterday. is he going to get a clear running field with those endorsements? >> you certainly think so. not necessarily because he has won over all republicans from the atlantic to the pacific, but because time is running out. it's the end of march. 29 states, all the territories, have voted, but he's still not even halfway there in terms of delegates. not necessarily his fault but the rules are different this time with a winner take all versus proportional but he's close to this. the wisconsin primary next tuesday is probably the place where rick santorum will make one of
Mar 16, 2012 8:00pm PDT
.s. policies are on edge again. >> this is the end of the rope again. gwen: mitt romney is ready to claim the nomination. >> some who are conservative may not be in my corner. gwen: he has to shake off santorum first. >> we did it again. gwen: as gas prices soar, the president takes aim at republicans on energy policy. >> when some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they must have been members of the flat earth society and would not have believed that the world was round. gwen: covering the week in policy and politics, martha raddatz and alexis simendinger and karen tumulty. >> award winning annual is, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. corporate funding is provided by -- >> since 1875, we have been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. from insurance to investment management to real estate and retirement solutions, we developed new ideas for the financial challenges ahead. this rock has never stood still. and that's one thing that will
Mar 16, 2012 9:30pm EDT
the republicans on by name. >> mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich, these guys have a different economically philosophy than we do. it is kind of amazing, gingrich, romney and santorum, they don't let the facts get in their way. gwen: joe biden doesn't use the names which barack obama doesn't use the names. have the democrats decided they can't sit on the sidelines anymore? >> the morning after super tuesday, the chicago campaign was talking about the things that were stressing them out the most. this was still going on so long and romney is eventually going to be the nominee and too long for them to stand and wait for the nominee to show up. they started talking about dispatching joe biden to be the ambassador to the middle class, that wasn't the phrase they used but that was their idea. gwen: interesting they would need an ambassador to the middle class. >> but joe biden from scranton, pennsylvania. the president is spending the entire day and will not be back in washington until the morning after he has departed, two cities, five events, money, money, money and concerned abou
Mar 9, 2012 9:30pm EST
. on the margins, things like this could matter. >> and we know they are arguing over the same 10% that romney wants. it is going to be a fight to the finish. thank you all very much. we have to leave a -- you a few minutes early toll give you a chance to support your local pbs station. we'll pick up where we left off on our "washington week" extra. for more go to washingtonweek. i'll be on line to getting it at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. keep up with developments on time and we'll see you here next week on "washington week." >> good night. >> download our weekly podcast and take us with you. it is the "washington week" podcast at >> "washington week" was produced by weta which is solely responsible for its content. >> funding for washington week is provided by -- >> we know why we're here. to give our war fighters every advantage. >> to deliver technologies that anticipate the future today. >> and help protect america everywhere from the battle place to cyberspace mple -- cyberspace. >> around the globe, the people of boeing are working together to give our best for americ
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)